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5-9: Syria on the web: Where to look for a better understanding – by Boushra

9: Burhan Ghalioun, political activist and blogger

A very moderate Syrian political activist and blogger. He is an expert on Syrian issues, socially as well as politically. He usually writes in

8: Bouthaina Shaaban, Syrian minister of expatriates and writer

A very clever writer who was the interpreter of Hafez Alasad and is the Syrian minister of expatriates. She is concerned about the relations between Arabs and West, and Arab women issues.

7: Imad Fawzi Alshoubi, charismatic spokesman of Syrian government

He can be considered as a moderate spokesman of Syrian government. He is smart and charismatic.

6: Joshua Landis, expert analyst on Syria

He is a well known commentator on Syrian issues.

5: Talal Salman, moderate voice of Lebanon

A Lebanese moderate analyst and blogger.