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Meedan headlines - December 02

Diplomatic row as Egyptian doctor sentenced to 1500 lashes for prescribing morphine overdose to Saudi princess

Raouf Amin, 52-year-old Egyptian doctor was convicted for prescribing painkillers to a Saudi princess that led to her addiction. An appeal court judge ruled that Amin will receive 1,500 lashes and spend 14 years behind bars. This sentence is double the original punishment that was pronounced by court earlier last year.

It is logical to have a punishment double after an appeal?

Saudi justice grist to Egyptian media’s mill - Abu Dhabi daily reports on latest diplomatic developments

Mecca Health Affairs issued a detailed prison allegedly doctors - Al Arabiya: Read the English translation

EGYPT: Tension over whipping of doctors in Saudi Arabia - LA Times blog gives background

Mumbai attackers took cocaine and LSD to keep awake during killing spree

The militants who murdered nearly 200 people during a series of coordinated attacks in Mumbai took cocaine and LSD to prolong their killing, Indian police have revealed.

India sends a wanted list of suspects to Pakistan

قائمة مطلوبين هندية لباكستان ورئيس الوزراء الهندي يستبعد عملاً عسكرياً ضد إسلام أباد

Could the commandos battling to bring the Mumbai attacks to an end have done anything differently?

Al Quds Al Arabi - Mumbai: The terrorist moment and the disarmament of the nation's morals - Sudanese journalist compares Mumbai to Nigeria in Al Quds Al Arabi - read the translation here

The New Nation - They are Terrorists, not Muslims -If millions of Muslims take to streets when someone in Denmark insults their religion many more millions of Muslims should now come out of their houses and chant their full-throated slogans demanding exemplary punishments of those who in the name of their religion commit such cold-headed massacre of innocent civilians, an ignominious, monstrous and barbaric act Islam never allows or ever allowed, says Maswood Alam Khan.

Gaza blockade: Are the international media guilty of ignoring Gaza’s suffering?

Israel is facing mounting pressure to end its blockade of Gaza after the UN agency responsible for distributing aid warned at least 15 trucks needed to reach the coastal strip daily to ensure basic provisions were met. Meanwhile Arab commentators called for urgent international attention to alleviate Gaza’s worsening humanitarian suffering.

Is the international community quietly ignoring Gaza's worsening humanitarian crisis?

Palestine Today - Human Rights center condemns the collective punishment that Israel is enforcing on the people of Gaza - read the translation here: English translation in new window

Abdel Bari Atwan Translation by Maysaloon - 'The Culture of Grovelling for Peace'

'We have never heard of countries that were liberated through grovelling and begging, as is currently being done by the Palestinian Authority and its lawmakers in Ramallah'.

YNet - Will hunger stop rockets? - Orly Noy says, 'Of course, nobody doubts the government’s right, and even duty, to provide security for Negev residents, yet we should note that the lull between Israel and Hamas, which lasted about five months, was violated in the wake of Israeli military activity within the Gaza Strip that prompted Qassam barrages. This operation served as further testament that Israel still views the Gaza Strip as an area under its absolute control in every way, and reserves the right to do whatever it wants there; a sort of occupation by remote control.'

Hillary Clinton named secretary of state as Obama puts rivalry in the past

They may have fought a long and bitter campaign to stand as Democratic candidate for the White House, but on Monday Hillary Clinton stood side by side with President-elect Barack Obama as she accepted the role of secretary of state in his administration.

Will Hillary Clinton be a strong secretary of state?

Christian Science Monitor - Obama’s national security ‘team of rivals’

Read the Arabic translation here: إفتح الترجمة العربية في نافذة منفصلة

Chicago Tribune Swamp blog - Obama rebukes Bush years with Clinton