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Gaza in focus - Karima Kamal questions MidEast unity in El Badeel

Where is the battle?!

Karima kamal in the independent Egyptian daily Al Badeel.

Translated by Osama.

The way the Arabs politically use the issue of Gaza is the worst. They use it against themselves but against Israel. The worst is that Arabs used all the bloodshed, bodies and pain to attack and accuse each other. Despite the volume of the massacre, they did not forget their rivalries and did not let away their accounts. Despite the continuation and escalation of the massacre the Arabs did not hesitate to use it politically, each according to his personal interests, agenda, alliances and expectations.

Thus we find anger, sadness and pain dominating the Arab street, while the reaction of leaders, presidents and kings seems much weaker.

In fact, while Arab streets demonstrated and protested in anger, Arab leaders, kings and presidents were attacking each other, even more than they attacked Israel. They seized the massacre as an opportunity to settle their accounts and as a means to strike and maneuver. If we want to describe the Arab situation in this tragic moment, we would say that there is a feeling in the Arab street but no Arab position. This is why we find conversations in many of the shows tending towards finding a solution for the crisis as if these programs' hosts and guests have the capacity or opportunity, or are even in a position that allows them to find a solution. All that is being suggested in these discussions begin with the perception that there is an Arab position, while the truth is that the core of the issue, Palestine, is torn between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. The political trends in the Arab world are divided between support for this and bias for that. The real problem preventing any Arab position and thus any Arab action is that Arabs are divided between people and political leaders, divided between the two and divided from within. There are several divisions, affiliations and axes, and therefore several interests. The massacre became legroom to declare these divisions and alliances.

While the attack on Gaza is the main headline of concern to the world, there were many headlines that nearly beat this one, namely exchanging accusations between Hamas and the authority, and attacking Egypt because of Rafah Crossing. This is to the extent that the case of Egypt and Rafah took priority over the massacre, and attacking Egypt preceded attacking Israel in many instances. We wonder what convinces the world with the Israeli allegations despite this massacre. The truth that cannot be ignored is that the sound of our battles overshadowed the sound of the current battle against Gaza. We are part of the reason why the world believes Israel.