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'If only our government treated national investors like Japan treats its cows'

Egypt press summary Friday 9 January 2009

Dr. El Sayed Elewa: The Israeli stupid attitude cannot cover for Arab country’s weakness in managing the current Gaza crisis. It is time for the human experience to be used to end and manage the crises. We need a twofold  approach that uses resistance and negotiations (Al Ahram).

Mohye El Din Eshmawy: Given the crimes that Israel proved responsible for according to international law and conventions; those responsible for those crimes have to punished and referred to the ICC and tried for the war crimes and crimes against humanity they committed (Al Ahram).

Ahmed Sayed El Naggar: Each Arab country is supposed to pressure the US using the way the US uses with them. The US only cares for its interests. Oil  rich and producing countries can agree in the next Arab economic summit to allocate half a dollar from each oil barrel to support the Palestinians. This will end up with USD 3.5 billion dollars annually for use in building the Palestinian economic force and social solidarity. We can use this in the face the angry Zionist entity (Al Ahram).

Mohammed Noaman Galal: Mixing cards in the Arab world became a common thing. The illusions are becoming larger and more dangerous. We do not need to talk about Egypt’s role and martyrs. Let’s not mix cards and distort facts. Each country has its strategic interests. Egyptians love Palestinians and stand in solidarity with them (Al Ahram).

Unsigned Editorial: Egypt’s initiative is the only opportunity to solve the Gaza crisis. We should not give Israel a reason to convince the whole world that it responds to peace efforts while Hamas is the side reluctant to act. Hamas has to understand that time is the most significant and pressuring factor (Al Ahram).

Unsigned Editorial: The Gaza massacre justifies to all the worlds’ terrorists committing their crimes. There is no deterring factor because senior terrorists are proud to kill children and women. No one stands against Israel. Not even the United Nations Security Council holds the Israelis accountable for their crimes (Al Gomhuria).

Dr. Amr Hamzawi: The Israeli killing machine kills the Palestinians cold-bloodedly while the international community is a mere onlooker. In fact, this has again proved that the current system of international relations pays no attention to the rights of the weak and helpless, especially their right to life and self-determination (Al Masry Al Youm).

Soliman Gouda: When the fire in the Gaza Strip stops in a few days, we will have to face another fire at home that we forgot about while we were preoccupied with our bleeding borders. If Gaza hurt our hearts and our minds, the ramifications of the global financial crisis will hurt our pockets, as they will hit every household. Foreign investments will decline significantly. So the more important issue will be the investments already in place. How shall we deal with them, and till when will we keep considering foreign or national investors as guilty until proven innocent? In Japan, there is a type of cow called ‘Kobe Beef’. The owners massage those cows with beer and wine. That type is sold for a lot of money. All we want is that our government would treat the national investors like Japan treats its cows (Al Masry Al Youm).

Translations by Osama.