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'Is the world beginning to bear responsibility?' How Israel's Gaza offensive is seen in the Syrian press

Syria press review by Richard Cozzens on 15 January 2009.

Gaza … The New Map for the Future – Al-Thawra, by Fayiz Azz al-Din

It is a moment in Arab time that must be pregnant with everything new, inasmuch as the Zionist brutality, the arrogance and quarrelsomeness of power on a defenseless people, has been turned 180 degrees on what Israel had planned to happen. Neither the Nazi attack and holocaust have broken the thorn of the resistance, nor has the world (both near and far, both honest and dishonest) been able to hide its discomfort with barbarity such as this which deems lawful what humanity has agreed upon in international humanitarian law or in the United Nations Charter.

Obama’s Many Details about Gaza with no Title – Al-Safir, by Muhammad Ali Harisi

432 hours have passed since the first Israeli rocket fell on Gaza, contact has been cut off with the strip, its houses and schools destroyed, one thousand martyrs – a third of them children – have fallen, more than 4000 Palestinians have been wounded. The war is there, it has stayed there. Its echoes have not reached Michigan Avenue and Adams Street in Chicago, for Barack Obama is busy with his inauguration party, and the USA has only one president currently … that is, as long as we’re talking about Gaza, not Tehran or Mumbai.

Enough of this Generosity! – Al-Ba’th, by Muhammad Kanaysi

The “generosity” of the Egyptian initiative means – in all simplicity and clarity that cannot be disguised – the elimination of the Palestinian Issue. So, you generous ones who have proposed the generous Egyptian initiative, would you be so generous to us as to abstain from your poisonous generosity which wants all this innocent Gazan blood to be spent in vain.

The Naked of History – Tishreen, by Samira al-Musalima

What happened in Gaza and what is happening there is a planned catastrophe, the difference between 1948 and 2009 being that “depraved weapons” have been replaced by the “depraved policy” of the Egyptian and Saudi leaders. Nevertheless, resistance, the culture of resistance, and the rage and solidarity of public opinion will make those effete Arab leaders who have joined in eliminating the resistance naked in front of their peoples and naked in front of history.

The Gaza Massacres are Exemplary of the Israeli Mindset - Al-Watan, by Nabil Mahmud al-Sahli

The Israeli massacres committed by the Israeli army in the Gaza strip since Saturday 27/12/2008 are not an end to organized Israeli terrorism, since we will witness development in the innovation of new means of killing in the future, particularly because Terror is among the supporting pillars of the Israeli mindset.

Is the world beginning to bear responsibility for judging Israel for war crimes against the Palestinians? - Al-Watan

If the international community and national and international organizations will carry on without responding to the monstrous war crimes against human rights that Israel has carried out, then that means that either the United States rules this world with Israel or the all the nations of the world treat the Arabs and Palestinians with double standards and wish to see Palestinians as dead or submissive without rights.