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Job Announcement: Arabic-speaking Content Producer for

Position Title: Content Producer – MENA Region

Reports to: Content and Community Manager

Location: Middle East

Number of Openings: 4

Opportunity Closes: 6 February 2009

Type of Employment: contract

Start Date: immediately

Term: to 30 June 2009

Work Schedule: part time, minimum 32 hours per month

Pay Rate: $240 for minimum hours outlined in contract

Payment Terms: via or PayPal, within 10 business days of receipt of monthly detailed invoice, invoice to be received no later than 2 days after the end of the billing month

Job Requirements: See attached Content Producer_Job Description.pdf

Technical Requirements (to be supplied by the contractor):

· comfortable place to work that allows for good concentration

· personal computer with reliable access to the Internet

· standard word processing software

· RSS reader

· Delicious account

· Mozilla Firefox with Google search bar and Alexa addon

· Gmail account for communication, scheduling and file sharing

· Skype account for instant messaging

· or PayPal account for receiving payments

Please note: All content producers will have an identity on the Meedan public site. Due to the sensitivities of new media in the MENA region, we will be unable to consider applications from persons with a criminal record.

To Respond: Please send email entitled “Content Producer – MENA” with cover letter, CV and writing sample to gweyman [at]

Duties and Responsibilities

Primary Duties:

Creates featured content, text and rich media, for

Responds to the daily news fast, identifying and selecting stories and sources in world affairs, technology, business and arts.

Writes compelling headlines and introductions.

Selects and manages images using Creative Commons search and open software.

Brings varied sources – blogs and mainstream; reports, analysis and opinion; Arabic and English - into around world events.

Selects articles for translation and liaises with translators on workflow.

Monitors comments, acting fast to remove any that infringe the site’s terms.

Other duties, as assigned:

May also translate events and conversation starters.

Help to find and geo-locate relevant blogs and other online media sources and enter them into the Meedan database or Delicious account.

Help respond to user feedback.

Propose ideas and plans for upcoming versions of Meedan, to keep up with general new media developments.

Cooperate with US, UK and other MENA staff to accomplish the above activities.

Cooperate with US, UK and other MENA staff to develop and improve Meedan tools and system.

Promote Meedan offline and online through media and blogger outreach, live events etc.

Required Skills and Experience

Native Arabic speaker

Understanding of new media

Knowledge of important national and regional, traditional and new media sources

Demonstrated journalism training and experience

Good English language skills

Basic computer skills (word processing)

Strong writing style and ability to deliver on a deadline

Able to represent and transmit the mission and values of Meedan to a broader audience.

Also desired:

Prior experience working for an international organization or independently as part of a distributed team

Prior experience working in new media

Experience with Photoshop or photo managing software

General IT skills

Key Qualities

Clear and compelling writing style

Strong social networker

Energetic team player

Ability to work across language and cultural boundaries


Willing to activate and engage in public conversations on important current topics


A “Complete Event” consists of:

· Headline and Sub Head – two lines which capture the event using key words

· Blurb – one introductory sentence which frames and captures the event

· Conversation Starter – a comment which begins a thread

· Image – link to at least one 191 x 130 relevant image from Reuters service [home link: ]

· Media source links – a minimum of three links to a range of media representing key reporting, commentary on event

· Annotation of media source links – a short snippet from the source

Criteria for Acceptance

All events submitted will be reviewed for acceptability and alignment with Meedan’s Guidelines. Any items not deemed acceptable may be reworked and resubmitted for review.