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'My brother and his pregnant wife are trapped in the crossfire in Gaza City'

A Palestinian woman urges help for her beleaguered family in Gaza:

'Dear Friends..

I am so desperate to do any thing to help my mother and my people in Gaza...I am really really desperate...

this morning my mother along with my brother with his pregnant wife and the 4 of his kids and 2 sisters of mine all trapped in the crossfire in Talehawa area in Gaza city, every thing bombed around them the UN headquarter is few meters from our home and immediately next to the Red crescent hospital which was bombed few hour ago and both the UN place  and the hospital still in fire...

what really makes me wonder what the Israeli aim of bombing the grave yard in Alnaseer area where is my father is parried since 1889...!!!? even the dead didn't escape Israeli's all bodies are out of their graves scattered in near by streets...! my father died 48 years old during the first Intifada...what?? it is not enough for the Israelis to Kill Palestinians once to get red of us...!!!?

I am not sure any more if what I am circulating around is doing any thing to help my mother and the rest of my family...!! the killing is endless by the Israelis madness and it seams to me nothing can stop it...!! the Israeli's arrogant reached to the point of shelling the UN headquarter in Gaza city while the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is out there in Israel meeting them...!!

Few days ago BBC one was broadcasting the Ann Frank Diary , while I am watching it I thought OH MY GOD...whats happened to Ann and her family during the Nazi's time is exactly what happening now to my family and friends in can the Israeli after what they went through in the Holocaust do what they do now to my people.... how??

I do not understand...I do not understand any thing any more...

I really do not know what to do...I want my mother to be safe ...but I do not know what to do...!!

Well, still here I am forwarding this email below it might ...might do a deference...!! ?