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'This is international politics - ever evolving, artistically cunning' - Fadil Yula on Erdogan's WEF outburst

Read the Arabic original on Iraq of Tomorrow here.  Translated into English by Ghaydaa.

Can Erdogan's Stance be Deemed Heroic and Revolutionary?

One can only suspect that a case whose people have failed to take ownership over (at least from a historical perspective), will easily be targeted by those who would use and market it to serve their personal interests and agendas. It has become increasingly difficult to speculate the true intentions of today's political activists, especially those who are seeking to fulfill their agendas in pretence of defending other people's interests.

This is international politics in all its glory – diplomatic, ever evolving, artistically cunning, and all part of a civilizations race whose winner will only those who truly understand its mechanism. Regression will always be for those who overestimate their abilities and the naïve daredevil.

At the very core of politics is personal interest, and no matter the extent of humanitarian compassion, politicians are will not compromise their personal agendas. Disaster and mayhem will not impede them from following their path and fulfilling their missions. Having said this, we can shed light on the Turkish Prime Minister's withdrawal from the World Economic Forum in Davos, in opposition to the Israeli Prime Minister's claims that the declared war on Gaza was only in self-defence. Following his glamorous withdrawal, Erdogan held a press conference to clarify that this was in protest to the fact that the Forum's administration declined giving him sufficient time to counter Peres' allegations. As though this was not enough, Erdogan seized the opportunity to employ his so-called heroic stance and state that this withdrawal was mainly driven by his islamically-driven empathy towards the people in Gaza. What Erdogan failed to state was that this war was initiated by Hamas, whose very own Khaled Misha'al claimed responsibility for.

Erdogan went as far as glamorizing his ancestor's (the Sultans of the Otthoman Empire) stances, and even mentioning Sultan Abdel Hamid's noble efforts to prevent Zionist claims on Palestine; references to which were purely for the purposes of soliciting emotional feedback from his audience. This has led to further praise on his stance from the Lebanese Prime Minister, El Sanyoura, Progressional Party Chairman Waleed Janbolat, and Chairman of the Lebanese Board of Deputies, Nabeeh Barri, in a feeble effort to fortify their weak political stance. Erdogan's actions were further glamorized by the media, especially by those keen writers who persist to make a mountain out of a molehill, proclaiming him "Turkey's Good Man", "The Arabs' Erdogan", and some went as far as naming him "The Spokesman for Liberty Seekers"!! As for Abdel Bary Atwan of Al Quds newspaper who has taken the liberty of speculating that Erdogan's reaction is a hopeful indication towards the re-establishment of a solid and strong Islamic era, one that bears resemblance the Ottoman Empire.