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Meedan follows Ushahidi and Global Voices onto IRC

If you haven't seen Ushahidi's rallying call to embrace open source values from code development to communications, it's well worth a read.

In a nutshell the argument is that if you want to make the most of the open source web, you have to be open source in all that you do.

One part of that is opening communications channels for people who don’t know you personally.

So, like Ushahidi, we have set up a Meedan channel on the chat service IRC.

We really want your input and support to help make the Meedan project prosper.

After all, so many aspects of what we do rely on volunteer enthusiasm and support, from our social translation to code development.

The channel will also let Meedanis chat with one another and spread the circle.  We just wish we could translate the whole thing across Arabic and English, in line with our core purpose of supporting a cross-language web (one in the pipeline).

So join us any time on our open IRC #meedan chat channel on

We also have an open mailing list on Google we'd love you to join.