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Iran Elections: Join the Meedan translators newsroom

We are looking for Farsi translators to take the extraordinary use of social media over the Iran elections aftermath to a new level.

We want to translate tweets, blogs and videos so that they are available across the web.

To do this, we've started twitter account @farsitrans This will be an account for subscribing to farsi twitterers from Iran, and also an account for a translating and ReTweeting [trans]RT Farsi posts into English, or, English posts into Farsi. (And yes, we did think about trying to standardize TRT as "Translated ReTweet"-- but decided to test just one innovation at a time).

Here is what you can do to help:

  1. Push out word to any vetted Farsi translators who are willing to help the effort to email farsitrans (at) or info (at) or tweet to @meedan or @farsitrans
    1. Subscribe to @farsitrans
    2. Push any Farsi Tweet or URL you think should be translated to @farsitrans with hashtag #translate
    3. Push any eloquent/important/vetted farsi twitterers to @farsitrans with hashtag #follow  eg  "@farsitrans  @Gonahkar #follow"

Of course, we encourage bi-lingual twitter users to simply use the convention [trans]RT and hashtag #farsitrans or #meedan to begin scaling real time communications between these language groups.

This is a citizen driven effort with Meedan team members helping to coordinate - this is also us trying to invent ways of using Twitter in a real-time emerging situation. We will keep evolving our strategy and will hope that we can share some compelling Farsi voices with the English and Arabic speaking communities on the web.

Remember, you can post any translated blog posts onto our live blog on Meedan and we'll tweet this out too. And, we will point out that the HuffingtonPost's Nico Pitney is doing a remarkable job of liveblogging IranElection--do bookmark Nico's page.

Come and join the team and help us learn more about what is going on in Iran right now.

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2009-06-17 15:11:04 -0700
Here's our translation newsroom as of 12.07 GMT Wednesday 17 June: @PouyanA @Sheri789 @xsam0 @Fashishy @Sarehs @Danamainz Good work guys.
2009-06-17 15:16:05 -0700
Please also refer to this list of Twitter users thought to be fake or spamming:
2009-06-17 20:50:36 -0700
Update: We now have a number of translations coming through - either search #meedan on or check out this thread on
2009-06-17 20:52:58 -0700
Update: We've set up a Google group for Farsi translators who want to help longer term. The email is The group is at - though currently a private group for security reasons. Tweet @meedan or email info[at] if you want to join, with motivation.
2009-06-17 22:10:20 -0700
[...] dialogue platform Meedan has set an interesting event channel to monitor the elections with all their available Farsi [...]
2009-06-18 16:26:31 -0700
Can anyone translate this? Thanks!