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Social Translation: Benefits and Risks ... join #Meedan IRC discussion

From next week we'll be restarting our weekly meet-up on IRC at 16GMT on Thursday 30 July.

The aim is to give you a chance to say what you think Meedan should be doing to broker a cross-language conversation.

Each week, we'll discuss a new topic with a new chairperson running the show.

Topics could include our community plans, partner network, networking tools, content creation and more. Feel free to suggest a topic you want to discuss.

This week, we'll be discussing the benefits and risks of social translation - I'll take the helm for sake of argument.

Below you'll find some useful links on social translation and a guide of how to join the chat.

If you want to add links or ask questions ahead of the chat, please do so. Really hope you can make it.

See you there!

Background reading - suggest more!

Notes from Open Translation Tools Summit 2009 - Ethan Zuckerman

The Polyglot Internet - Ethan Zuckerman

Worldwide Lexicon Project page

Social Translation: Using the WWL API to Build Multilingual Sites and Web Apps - O'Reilly

Will web users join forces to break the online language barrier? - Guardian article by Jim Giles

Translators Wanted at LinkedIn. The Pay? $0 an Hour. - NY Times article by Andrew Adam Newman

Open Translation Tools Wiki

What to use:

For mac colloquy comes recommended. Otherwise, you can either install Chatzilla add-on for Firefox, OR you can log into the Meedan IRC room in your browser window by accessing

How to connect:

Now (wait for the page to load fully) - In the drop-down menu select: Foonetic -

Where is says "Nick" write your nickname, where it says "Channel" write: #meedan -

Click GO!

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2009-07-26 12:47:31 -0700
Hi every body; Regarding the benefits of social translation is that, you will find a wide scope to practice your utmost to help others, guide them and provide them with all the required tools to communicate together and so, it will be easy for them to narrow the gap among the multicultural and multilingual people. It is your chance to select the material that you feel required and vital to help other contact together and understand what was being said or written about a specific topic or issue Today, it is our duty as translators to provide a suitable channel for creating a flexible environment that features the platform for others to communicate and interact together without borders or boundaries. I am always thankful for that chance.