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Introducing Meedan's Request Translation feature

A little while ago we had this piece of feedback from @Ramblurr on Twitter: @meedan is it possible to flag a comment for translation by a translator?

Well now you can.

In each Meedan event you can request a translation of a comment.

Simply click Request Improved Translation beside a comment and it will be added to a High Priority feed in My Translations so that translators will be able to access it quickly.

Here's a practical example happening right now.

إكرامي has left a comment on a event seeded by TomElRumi:

السلام عليكم ( على قدرعلاقة الدول بالولايات المتحدة على قدر الاصابة بالفيروس ) الشكر كل الشكر لوزراء الصحة العرب على الخطوة الجادة التي اتخذت بالامس القريب فيما يخص فرض شروط على الحجاج والمعتمرين ، وان دل ذلك فانما يدل على حرص المسؤولين وتخوفهم من هذا الفيروس القاتل . ولكن اين دورهذه الاجتماعات عند اجتياح الفيروس للبلدان العربية من قبل الولايات المتحدة ، ومن هنا أؤكد بان المسؤولية تقع على عاتق العلماء (علماء الدين والصحة ) والمسؤولين الذين تراخوا في اتخاذ قرار منع القادمين من امريكا الى تلك البلدان العربية

I want to read it in English.  But right now all we have is Machine Translation (MT) which isn't perfect.

Peace to you (to قدرعلاقة states in the United States with HIV infection) thanked all thank Arab health ministers to serious step taken to close yesterday with regard to the imposition of conditions on the pilgrims...

So I've clicked Request Improved Translation.

It now shows in the High Priority feed and has been picked up by Pazuzu_HSP.

I'll check back in a short while and show you the results....

UPDATE 1: And here is Pazuzu_hsp's translation of إكرامي 's comment from

Peace to you (The more nations are connected to the United States of America the more they are infected with the disease) great thanks to the Arab health ministers for the important step taken recently with regard to imposing restrictions on the pilgrims, a decision that indicates the officials' attention to the deadly virus. But where were these meetings when this virus was being introduced to Arab countries, that is why I stress that the responsibility lies on the knowledgeable (In religion and health) who failed to take adequate measures to prevent the arrival of those coming from the USA to the Arab countries.

We know this feature can still be refined, but it's a great start in helping you request the best of content that you want translating by a person. Another step to sharing authentic responses to world events across Arabic and English.