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Meedan on YouTube: 5 videos to help you join a cross-language conversation

If you haven't experienced a cross-language conversation and networking experience before, may throw up some surprises.

It's novel to most users that your comments are translated first by a machine and then by other members of the Meedan translator community.

It's also pretty fun to see your blog or article switch into another language.

Unlike many other web services and applications, implicitly combines different roles for a successful experience.

Middle East enthusiasts, journalists and bloggers may be drawn more towards posting links and writing comments.

Arabic-English translators and language learners may be drawn more towards drafting and correcting comment and  blog translations.

And yet another group of users may find it fun and rewarding to moderate comments.

So we've been working on some videos to help spell out some of these roles.  These videos are on the MeedanTube channel on YouTube, and also available at our Facebook Page and on DotSub.

So here then are five videos to help you join a cross-language conversation:

1. Introduction to - a community for sharing translated news and conversation

2. How to Register on

3. How to Post Links and Comments on Events

This video shows you how to get started posting links to blogs, news reports, videos, and photostreams in Events.

4. How to Translate Blogs and Comments on

This video shows you how to get started translating comments and articles posted onto the dialogue platform. Find out how social translation is fun, rewarding and benefits others who want to share information and ideas.

5. How Comments are Moderated on

This video shows you how your comments are moderated on the site and how you can help if you spot something that should not be public.