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Meedan at the Internet Governance Forum

Meedan has teamed up with Diplo Foundation and King Abdullah’s Initiative for Arabic Content to organize a workshop at the Internet Governance Forum that will consider the use of the Internet in the Arab region; examining the challenges and potential of Internet growth.

The Internet Governance Forum is a United Nations initiative to support the secretary general in carrying out the mandate of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). Its fourth annual meeting will be held this year in Sharm El Shiekh, Egypt from 15-18 November 2009.

Under the title: “Internet Governance – Creating Opportunities for all”, this year’s event will tackle the following topics on its agenda:

• Managing critical Internet resources;

• Security, openness and privacy;

• Access and diversity;

Internet governance in the light of WSIS principles;

• Taking stock and the way forward – on the desirability of the continuation of the Forum;

• Emerging issues: Impact of Social Networks.

The rationale behind the workshop stems from the fact that while the Internet has enabled and facilitated creativity and innovation on a massive scale, leveraging its ability to bridge geographic distances and store and retrieve information quickly and efficiently, its application in the Arab region is still considered by many to lag significantly behind that in other parts of the world.

In this workshop, we intend to look closely at the Internet usage trends in the Arab region, and examine the issues and obstacles which must be addressed to maximize the potential of the Internet in the Arab region.

We will also propose and discuss potential solutions that could contribute to the realization of an inclusive knowledge society in the Arab region, built around the Internet and its emerging technologies.

This will be a unique opportunity to engage with several stakeholders to sketch a picture of Internet use in the Arab region, and to stimulate cooperation and collaboration and identify the synergies between organizations and initiatives working to support the Arab Internet user.

For more information about the workshop, and to register your attendance, please contact Meedan.