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Baghdad, Alexandria, Jeddah, Beirut ... Meedan users give their view

I thought we should share with you a taste of going on on Meedan.  There's been some really interesting comments and translations going on from users across the Middle East and beyond.

In the past few days, we've seen comments from a user in Baghdad unhappy at the perceived hypocrisy of Lebanese religious scholars criticizing a Brazilian carnival for the way women dress; a Saudi from Jeddah expressing anger that Lebanese nationals would refuse to spy on Hezbollah in UAE; a Lebanese user writing in Arabic criticizing a Saudi court for sentencing a man to 60 lashes; a TV producer from Egypt explaining why many Egyptians are not ready to extend a hand to Israel; an Egyptian translator from Alexandria translating into English; an American translator from Portland translating into Arabic.

So we're seeing Arabic speaking users interact with English speaker users; we're seeing social translation from English into Arabic and from Arabic into English; we're seeing a real range of views from across the Middle East; and we're seeing authentic voices from people who otherwise you might have little opportunity to meet and chat with.

The next step is to increase the interactions and engage the dialogue.  So I hope you'll help us do this by going in and explore what's going on.

Keep commenting, responding, subscribing, and translating!

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