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Meedan blogging on the Huffington Post

We're delighted to announce that Meedan is now blogging on the Huffington Post.  You can see the first ever examples of Arabic (with translations) on the HuffPo at

We are trying to provide rich narratives of emerging Middle East events in an easily-digestible news format.

It's exciting for the project because it allows us to reach new users and expand our community across continents, bringing the three quarters of our user base who are located in the Middle East in reach of Americans interested in similar stories and issues.

The Huffington Post blog will be a space for us to showcase our translation work and provide English speakers with direct access to views of events from the Arabic speaking world.

If you're a Meedan user or a blogger with an area of expertise or interest, get in touch with us.  You may be able to help put together a blog or press review from your country.

To date we have covered reactions to the Swiss minaret ban, the Dubai debt crisis, and evolution research following the discovery of Ardi.

Come join us!