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How to Get Started with Your Cross-Language Conversation

We've produced some simple one-minute videos to explain how to get started on Meedan.


On Meedan our community tracks and discusses major Middle East news stories by bringing together translated commentary and news from a wide range of Arabic and English sources. See how we do this in this video or at

Meedan is a cross-cultural forum for discussing the news across Arabic and English.

On Meedan you can interact with people outside your language community by commenting on current events we're discussing through our translation and dialogue platform at

Meedan allows any registered user to contribute translations of other users' comments as part of our approach to building cross-language Arabic-English dialogue. So how here. Or visit to get started.

Meedan's Translate Tab provides a view of all the latest comments being posted on Meedan that require human translation. You can edit straight away or reserve for later. Find out how on this video or visit to get started.

With the Meedan Links page you can post your blog, favorite column or an article you want to read for translation between Arabic and English. For more visit

Meedan allows users to post any English or Arabic news link and see an MT translation of the article. Even better, you can improve the translation right there on the article itself, and publish straight away for others to benefit from. See more at

Your Meedan Profile Page not only shows you all your translations, comments and subscriptions on the site, it also gives you updates on what the people you are subscribed to are doing.

Meedan is a cross-language community for discussing Middle East news in Arabic and English. Visit

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