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Meedan's Arabic-English Translation Engine Makes Strides - With Your Help

If you've ever contributed a translation to Meedan, you have helped to improve the potential for Arabic and English speakers to communicate and share content online.

At Meedan, we hope to encourage communities across the web to contribute their translations towards an open licensed data source of parallel corpora comprising source language and human-generated target language.

The value to you as a translator is that can go to any page on Meedan, generate translations and share them out to friends, knowing that your work is not just furthering meedan, but is furthering the data which our Arabic-English machine translation engine uses to generate translations.

And because the data is open source, you are also helping other projects interested in Machine Translation and Translation-Memory aided translation across the web.

The great thing about Machine Translation is that over time it shoulders more and more of the work so that efficiencies keep increasing.

We recently updated the corpora on which our machine translation engine is trained, and we are pleased to report great and ongoing improvements.

One user even confused MT with human output.

Have a look and see how you think we're doing here.