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Khaled Hourani joins Meedan

We at Meedan are always committed to deliver the most innovative solutions to the challenging problem of cross-language interaction and knowledge sharing. We firmly believe that achieving our ambitious, world-changing mission is entirely dependent on having a star team of world class talent working tirelessly to build open technologies that matter.

We are thrilled to announce the joining of the incredibly talented, highly respected software developer, Khaled Hourani, to team Meedan. Khaled brings substantial experience in web development, with an admirable record of developing and contributing to the free and open source software community. His vast contributions include several modules for Drupal (check Khaled’s profile on, and he will be working on much more in his capacity at Meedan.

With Khaled joining our team, our excitement and the pride we take in what we are doing are getting even higher. Here is what Khaled has to say about his new endeavour:

From the first days of my involvement with Meedan I have this feeling of excitement, like when I work for a project that I love. Meedan has a cool and professional team, that when you work with them you feel that you are full of energy. Therefore I knew that it's the right choice to begin working with this team.

As a Drupal developer in Meedan I will be involved in making and developing a platform that meets our vision and projects. We are currently focusing on CIP project to make it as perfect as possible. It's a new and exciting challenge to build a rich bilingual platform and translation tools and helpers. It also meets my personal goals and projects that are much concerned with Natural Language Processing for Arabic language and Drupal projects. I felt that I should put my skills, and in the same time improve them when I work with this talented team.

We are still facing a problem, as Arabic and English users and readers, of misunderstanding each other. Meedan's vision is to cure this misunderstanding by delivering the materials and news in each user's language, no more misunderstanding and more knowledgeable people.

Joining Meedan is a great opportunity and a challenge in the same time, see you soon and keep watching our blog.