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Meedan at the Virtual Professional Communities Symposium 2010

This Wednesday (October 27), Meedan will be talking about the professional implications of the Web 2.0 and social networking at the Virtual Professional Communities Symposium 2010, organized by the Syrian Computer Society in Homs, Syria.

Anas Tawileh, Meedan's VP of Engineering, will be discussing the increasingly visible impact of social networking on the business communities, and will present several practical examples of successful professional social networking platforms. The talk will also explore the relevance and utility of these platforms to the Arab region, as well as providing tips and guidance for the effective utilization of professional social networking by local researchers and professionals.

We look forward to welcome you at this cool and interesting event.

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2010-10-26 09:05:26 -0700
Interesting. All the best. Ammar Salem