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Meedan welcomes Alaa Batayneh at Damascus developer retreat

Damascus is surely one of the hidden gems of the world. I say hidden because there are far fewer tourists here than the historical riches would suggest. The old city in particular is breathtaking – an endlessly fascinating labyrinth of narrow streets replete with shops, restaurants, Turkish baths, mosques and churches. It surely is a match for Venice, Paris or Rome.

So I guess I have been very lucky to join Meedan developers Khaled Al-Hourani and Alaa Batayneh on a three-day development retreat in this beautiful city.

An established talent in the Syrian open source developer community, Khaled has been our local guide. Aside from our work, he has had us eating well, talking well and exploring the city. Good rest and mental sustenance make for productive minds.

I've been impressed by the way Khaled is always eager to dive in and find a solution to a problem.  Watching him working is like watching a race horse honed on the finish line.

Hailing from Amman, Jordan, Alaa Batayneh is an exciting addition to the Meedan team, bringing more than three years’ experience putting  interfaces on websites.

Also an open source programmer, Alaa has a measured, thoughtful approach to everything he does. It’s not only bugs he’s patient with – he also had the patience to fix the broken towel rail in our hotel bathroom (I gave up after a couple of minutes).

I’m excited too because not only do these two developers bring to Meedan a healthy mix of skills and expertise between them, they also bring a disciplined approach to writing code. I have really learnt a lot from them already – and look forward to the big impact they will have on Meedan’s development for the future.

Welcome Alaa and Khaled! (hmm that sounds a bit weird, I'm the visitor here)

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2010-12-16 13:08:30 -0800
Great to hear Meedan is picking up and getting the right mix of talent, I remember some 5 years ago when it was about to launch, seems like ages ago. I wrote about its promise of one of its founders in Windows magazine.
2010-12-16 13:12:25 -0800
Thanks Samer - be great to see that link to get a sense of how far we've come. You're always welcome to write about us again!