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Al Ahram Newspaper January 30, 2011

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Al-Ahram, often described as the “voice of the regime” leads with: “Omar Suleiman Vice President and Ahmed Shafiq Prime Minster”, also noting “Armed forces trucks push to secure areas, demand that curfew be observed.” Other reports include: “Protests and chaos continue across the country, looting and robbery in absence of security forces.” “Thousands of prisoners escape from detention centers and police stations.” Ahram is also the only paper to prominently feature the opinion of leading religious institutions: “Al Azhar calls for youth to preserve Egypt's security and peace.”

Strongly pro-governmental Al-Akhbar also focuses on political appointments, and those who have been fired by Mubarak: “Omar Suleiman Vice President”, “President Mubarak picks Ahmed Shafiq to form a new government”, “Ahmed Ezz is out, Nazif breaks down in tears after government is fired.” Akhbar's casualty count differs with that posted elsewhere, with reports of “74 dead and 2000 injured in incidents.”