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Community translation of Egypt protests

Since protesters took to the streets of Egypt yesterday, the Meedan community has been focusing translation efforts on the media and social media coming from Egypt, and finding ways to help any interested web user share news and comment about #Jan25 between Arabic and English.

To do this we’ve adopted a distributed approach to our curation and translation, working in 4 main places:

1) Our event, where you can post media, comments, or links for translation OR help translate those posted by others. With Facebook and Twitter blocked within Egypt, can play an important role as a space for sharing media across languages:

2) Our Twitter translation project on Curated.By has seen the Meedan and Twitter community post translations of tweets from Egypt both from and into Arabic: Find out how you can get involved here:

3) News Feed Dashboard: Help us curate news feeds to our dashboard here

4) Facebook groups: Add content from various Facebook pages to for translation into English:

> Log in or register on

> go to

> Post the facebook page in the bar and click submit

> Open the English language translation, hover over the text and submit improved translations in the popup editing box

For further information on how to get involved, contact @meedan on Twitter or email ,