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Help Meedan curate, translate, annotate #Jan25 Egypt protests updates

Please join our community on curating, translating and annotating tweets.

Here's what you need to do to translate. First set up a account and connect it with your twitter account. Then: 1) Hit comment underneath an interesting tweet and write translation. 2) Check \"Tweet comment\" 3) Add #AREN to show translation ARabic>ENglish or #ENAR to show ENglish>ARabic 4) Add #jan25 5) post

If you want to help curate, we can add you as a 'collaborator' to the feed. Just give us a shout on twitter @meedan.

Meedan is a nonpolitical nonprofit organization that aims to help citizens share knowledge and conversation across linguistic and cultural boundaries. So we want to help any interested web user share news and comment about #Jan25 between Arabic and English.

Here are some things to think about when you are posting tweets:

1- What is the reported location of the Twitter Stream?

2- Is the Twitter Stream using Arabic?

3- How long has the Twitter Stream account been up and running?

4- How many followers does the Twitter Stream have? How many is it following? How many lists is it on?

5- Who is Retweeting this Twitter Stream? Who is the Twitter Stream Retweeting?

6- Is the Twitter Stream openly political? What does the profile say?

7- Is the Twitter Stream reporting other users without citation?

8- How often is this Twitter Stream updated?

9- What content is this Twitter Stream reporting? Is it strongly opinionated or dispassionate and factual?

10- Does the Twitter Stream include links to an individual blog, Flickr or Twitpic account, or secondary social media presence?

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