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Akhbar Cairo, Feb 11, 2011

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2011-02-11 15:57:20 -0800
Translation of the headlines: Al-Akhbar Newspaper The Army Backs the Demands of the People Supreme Council of the Armed Forces: We are dedicated to the safety of the citizenry and their property Mubarak Delegates His Powers to VP Omar Suleiman: I am committed to the “Revolution of the Youth” and a peaceful transfer of power The president asks parliament to amend 5 constitutional articles and repeal article 179 Disenchanted with presidential speech, protestors threaten to escalate demonstrations today Strikes throughout the country for better wages Prosecutor General Exposes Scandalous Cases of Embezzlement - After taking over the Dakheela Corporation, Ahmad ‘Izz refused to pay off its bank loans - Grana gave Orascom 25 million m2 in Hurghada while enabling his cronies to make hundreds of millions - Rasheed accused of expropriating 200 million LE from the Export Fund - New communiqué accuses ‘Abeed of wasting public funds; ‘Abeed denies - Al-Maghriby “donated” 5 million m2 in Hurghada and Amoun to his company and his cousin - The assets of ‘Izz and the three other ministers have subsequently been frozen