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Conversation with @linuxawy Alexandria Feb 1, 2011

Wherein @linuxawy discusses the incredible day that a city of 8 million people gathered in the streets to make one request of one man.

Ahmed, who is an engineer (and a really good one--he works with Meedan, after all), estimated that there were two million people who gathered in the main square. When they walked to the train station the crowd stretched for 4 km. They were stunned to find another crowd of estimated 1 million more people there. These two groups joined for what must surely count as being one of the largest peaceful gathering of people our planet has ever known. The spirit in Ahmed's voice was palpable- he stated that this was a 'middle class' revolution and a revolution that has a very clear goal of restoring Egypt for its people; 'this is not a blind revolution.'


Ahmed Mekkaway speaks to Ed Bice about the state of Alexandria, Egypt Feb 01, 2011 from Meedan on Vimeo.

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