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Hisham el-Gokh's #Jan25 poem translated

Two translations of a poem by Egyptian poet Hisham el-Gokh, performed on Prince of Poets Feb 9, 2011.

The version marked "English" is by Scott Cole, while the "English, British" is by Michael Nevadomski (the language markings merely to distinguish the two translations).

More translations welcome!

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2011-02-11 04:20:56 -0800
[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by meedan, M. Lynx Qualey and M. Lynx Qualey, George Weyman. George Weyman said: An Honest View of Meedan Al-Tahrir - in poetry translated into english #aren [...]
2011-02-11 20:03:38 -0800
2011-02-12 17:15:58 -0800
I cry EVERY time i hear it on TV... what a great poem, and what a heart-rendering reading Hisham el Gokh give it!!! Thank you for the beauty!
2011-02-19 21:24:07 -0800
So SO Beautiful!!! Brought tears to my eyes!
2011-03-21 06:28:46 -0700
Mashallah :D..The prince of Poet has a great talent you know if there is an english translation of his poem Visa??
2011-07-14 01:37:35 -0700
[...] masters – poetry that ranges from rhyming couplets in the rhythms of the classical Arab world to emotive ballads that owe less to technique than the urgency of the moment. The ruling elites rightly go in fear. [...]
2011-07-14 11:01:10 -0700
[...] with the written word is affecting Eygpt, one has to watch the remarkable video of Hisham el-Gokh ( as he strains to articulate the experiences of his nation. The intensity of what he feels being [...]
2012-10-21 15:42:30 -0700
I wasn't there at Tahrir, I didn't face the batons, fists, boots of the status quo, but I cried with the audience at the words of Al-Gokh.