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Rethinking how @Meedan tweets

Meedan loves Twitter. Since 2008 Meedanis from around the world have been logging on every day to our organizational account and tweeting and retweeting on news, tech, translation and social media every day. As Meedan grows, and as we approach out 7,000th tweet, we’ve decided to rethink some of our strategies for how we use Twitter both as a means to engage our community, and as a way of discovering and sharing top content in Arabic and English.

In the coming weeks followers of @Meedan will notice a few changes in our tweets, some of which require a bit of explanation:

^EB = Ed Bice = @edbice ^KR = Karim Ratib = @infojunkie71 ^CB = Chris Blow = @unthinkingly ^GW = George Weyman = @georgeweyman ^NA = Nosheen Ali = @nosheenali ^AQ = Anas Qtiesh = @anasqtiesh ^TT = Tom Trewinnard = @tomelrumi

We hope you like our new approach. If you have any feedback or suggestions then post a comment here or drop us a tweet @Meedan!