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Citizen Liveblogging Egypt's Phase 2 Elections

As part of our ongoing project supporting citizen news curation in the Middle East, we are today working with the awesome team at Egypt Independent to test our new citizen media liveblog. As Egypt goes to the polls in phase two if the first post-Mubarak parliament, we are posting citizen content to our citizen reports page for the journalists at Egypt Independent to use in their reporting.

Posting a citizen report to the testing liveblog is wonderfully simple, and is something anyone can get involved with! All you have to do is go here: and create an account (you can do this with your Twitter login). From there you can post Citizen Reports. These are the items of citizen media - tweets, pictures, video, soundites, blog posts (even links to other media) - that you think better helps tell the story of what is happening as people head out to vote.

This is the Citizen Reports page, where all of the reports being posted are displayed.

From here you can click on one of the icons at the top of the report to see "Report Details". Adding this information is an important step in creating a citizen report: What is the source of the original report? Are they reliable? When was the media published and where? These are all questions that can be asked of citizen media and information which, if provided accurately, can help citizen media more reliable.

Once a Citizen Report has been created, journalists at Egypt Independent can add several of these reports to their liveblog - adding voices from the ground and citizen-produced media to enrich reporting.

Get involved with our test by creating an account here and sharing the best citizen media on Egypt's elections!