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Meedan releases update to participatory liveblogging service

Meedan has released a second iteration of its participatory reporting platform for Egyptian media partner, Al-Masry Al-Youm, as part of a multi-year project to support citizen journalism in the Middle East.

The update further increases the visibility of citizen reporting in Al-Masry Al-Youm's news output, and paves the way for the platform's extension to five other Middle East media partners later this year as a collaborative verification workbench called CheckDesk.

Its part of an effort to improve the use of citizen reporting in Middle East media.

The platform enables citizens to share newsworthy reports with Al-Masry Al-Youm journalists, including vital information about how the report was sourced and why it is trustworthy.  Journalists can then cross-reference and liveblog these reports for wider dissemination to their readers on- and offline.

How to post a Citizen Report (EN)

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This release, which is the work of Meedan developers Karim Ratib, Chris Blow and Noha Daoud, gives citizen reports more prominence on the page and increases access by allowing users to sign in with Facebook accounts - the most widely used service in Egypt.

The team has also improved the site performance, which decreases page load times. Given the site's reliance on embedded content and use of images and video, this is a really vital improvement for Middle Eastern users who may encounter bandwidth limitations.

To learn more about the platform and how you can make use of it, tweet us @meedan.