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Meedan welcomes creative talents to international web development team

Appreciating a good conspiracy, and with the strategies and performance of global NGOs undergoing a round of public scrutiny for reasons viral and bizarre, I want to address head-on recently circulated rumors that Meedan has a secret and unstated mission.

It is time to lay bare our true intentions and own up to them in the clarifying sunlight of complete disclosure.  It is true.  Meedan has gradually transformed from a few pretty great ideas to a lot of really great people.

So, while we are all together in service of the ideas - that we should have better tools for moving content between boundaries - and that the movement of information in real time from real people should create societies less prone to tolerate dictators, drones, and disempowerment - and that our brains are healthier when we graze from a media and knowledge diet that has geographic, linguistic, and ideological diversity - these observations have taken a back seat to the people of the org. And so it is that we came to evolve a secret mission statement:  At Meedan we strive to create a great virtualized workplace where talented people learn, grow, and exchange IM emoticons all day long  :-P

[and, yes, our unofficial mission statement includes the emoticon]

So, it is in this new organizational framework that we welcome three very talented engineers to the team.

Caio Almeida came on to do a short contract as QFI asked us to add Portuguese to Yallah and the Classroom2Classroom projects. We asked him to stay on project not only with the hope we would have an excuse for a team meeting in Salvador Bahia but more because he is a really great virtual team member and a meticulous engineer. Caio came to us through friends at Creative Commons - reinforcing the value of social network sorts on the global labor market - and the overall high quality of people attracted to the open education space. Caio has a Computer Science Bachelor's Degree at Federal University of Bahia, and now is studying for a Computer Science Master's degree also at Federal University of Bahia.

As a free software developer, Caio collaborates coding for free software projects such as Noosfero, Moodle, and Inkscape. He develops and maintain a framework for information visualization written in JavaScript, and presents in events such as Moodle Moot, W3C Web Conference, Free Software International Forum, Debian Day, among others.

Noha Daoud has been contributing to Meedan for several months now in a part time role before coming on as a full time team member.  Noha came to Meedan through her work with Karim as a QA Engineer at OpenCraft. The extended Meedan team had a chance to meet and work with Noha when we gathered in Cairo last November. In the months since joining Noha has impressed us all with her rigorous and meticulous attention to detail. We are counting on Noha to lead our slow, determined march toward automated testing with Selenium and other tools in the coming year.

James Andres is a Senior Engineer who has worked on enterprise James is a long time Drupal developer but feels equally at home in a Linux shell, building a Javascript application, or programming an iOS app. On weekends he is usually found climbing the nearest crag, traveling, or on his bike. James holds a BSc in Computer Science from Trinity Western University near his hometown of Vancouver, Canada. James has been working on cleaning up the Drupal module and is working on multilingual groups for Yallah Forum. James is logging in from his new digs in New York City.

All told, we have added to our Cairo gravitational center in region while also bringing two more time zones and our first southern hemisphere team member to the Meedan family: Parabens/Mabruk/تهنئة/Congratulations