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Ma'an News Agency to partner with Meedan on Middle East citizen journalism project

If you are following today's Palestinian Land Day protests in the West Bank, an event which marks the 1976 killings of Arab demonstrators protesting Israel's land appropriation, you may well be following the #LandDay hashtag on Twitter.

"4 injuries in #IraqBorin near #Nablus .one of them is serious and one serious injury in #KuforQaddoum weekly demo #LandDay," reports one user.

But how do you sort the accurate and important reporting in this stream?  And how do you corroborate these reports with other citizen media on YouTube, Facebook and Flickr?

As part of a multi-year Middle East citizen journalism project supported by the Swedish International Development Agency, Meedan and Ma'an News Agency will be seeking to tackle this problem.

Ma'an is one of the most respected news agencies in the region, noted for its independence and professionalism, so it is very exciting for Meedan that Ma'an has agreed to partner on this project.

In the project, Meedan will be developing tools for Ma'an to gather, sort, verify and publish citizen reporting from the ground, all with the help of its news community.  These tools are already in use in a phased beta by Egypt's leading independent daily Al-Masry Al-Youm.

"We are very excited about the project, and are looking forward to expanding our capacity to report events like today's Land Day protests through high quality citizen media," said founder Raed Othman.

"We think we can provide not just Palestinians but the whole world with a new light on the Palestinian experience and daily events in this important region."