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Meedan is a community partner to the the @catalyze4 effort - our good friends at the Institute for the Future have partnered with Rockefeller Foundation on this effort. On April 3, at 4 pm in San Francisco, Dr. Judith Rodin, President of the Rockefeller Foundation will be hosting a conversation with three Bay Area leaders to discuss  innovative approaches to social change. We will be LIVE-STREAMING this conversation with Mitch Kapor (founder of Lotus Development Corporation and the Level Playing Field Institute); game designer Jane McGonigal, and Shannon Spanhake, Deputy Innovation Officer of the City and County of San Francisco. Tweet any questions for the speakers: @catalyze4

This gathering is the kick-off event for the Catalyst for Change global game, which will run for 48 hours, April 3-5. The goal? To engage people from all over the world in finding thousands of paths out of poverty over the next decade.

The game is trying to catalyze a chain reaction of solutions to the problems of poverty in every country in the world. There are thousands of untapped ideas that can lead to smarter communities, more resilient households, stronger citizens, and more hopeful futures for the billions of poor or vulnerable people on the planet. The Catalysts for Change game is designed to tap those solutions.

The game will be joined by 10 global Searchlight Partners who have been working closely with the Rockefeller Foundation to build foresight and a futures perspective on issues of poverty and equity, along with more than a dozen Community Partner organizations from around the world.

Check out the Catalyst for Change game at