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Meedan wins multi-year Arab Partnerships grant to support citizen journalists in Middle East

Hot on the heels of success in the IPI News Innovation Contest, Meedan has won a multi-year grant through the UK's Arab Partnerships fund towards the development of a fact checking workbench and training program for citizen journalists in the Middle East.

The funding will support Meedan's development team to build on the success of the citizen-led liveblogging platform  it developed for Al-Masry Al-Youm, one of Egypt's leading independent newspapers.   This platform supports the Al-Masry Al-Youm community to share and mark-up newsworthy content with the newspaper's journalists, who can then quickly cross-reference that content and bundle it into liveblog updates.

The longer term goal is to support collaborative verification, so that citizens in Egypt and around the Middle East can gather and fact check news reports and political messages.  Meedan's objective is to encourage investigative and critical thinking skills among the region's emerging cadre of citizen journalists, to help them hold their governments and media to account.

Meedan will develop and deploy the tools in partnership with media collectives in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.  Also working with these partners, Birmingham City University will also oversee the development of a training program in critical thinking and investigative skills.