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On the Meedan Radar - July 2012

This post is going to be a monthly round up of projects we've been talking about at the Meedan watercooler, research that is guiding our work, and links that have us hitting "share"

The <ahref Foundation focuses on the quality of information emerging from today's social networks and digital media. Its research activities aim at innovation geared toward good journalism and citizen participation, while also developing open platforms & projects to increase online collaboration.

NewsPipeline: “NewsPipeline ingests content from multiple sources, outputs content to multiple platforms, and creates a dashboard for publishers for one-stop curation.” .dBunk(r): “.dBunk(r) utilizes linkable data, Bayesian inference and binary logic to create highly contextualized and open ended knowledge maps. This process allows the user to hold the Internet accountable by transforming separate pieces of information into connected threads of knowledge.” Statistics Black Box (or perhaps “the Mechanical Meyer”): “a web-based app to analyze uploaded datasets and return results in plain language.”

Bedtime Reading

Ashoka - In Search of a “500-Year Plan” for Achieving News Literacy Ushahidi Blog - Watertracker: Structured Data, Integrated Response Social Edge - Nonprofit Analysis: Beyond Metrics EFF - Can Apple Refuse to Sell a Laptop to an Iranian Citizen? Maybe. Nieman Journalism Labs - mines social media for real-time analytics for news

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