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On the Meedan Radar - August 2012

Craig Silverman: A New Age for Truth

Mark Little: Finding the Wisdom in the Crowd

David Turner: Inside the BBC’s Verification Hub

Phil Brinkman: The Story that Rocked the Clock

Also worth reading is Patrick Meier’s summary/review:

“IREX is very pleased to announce the launch of its new Center for Collaborative Technologies (CCT) to better serve our beneficiaries by enhancing our existing skill set in our seven focus areas of media, civil society, education, conflict resolution, youth, gender, and technology.”

The £8.7 million project was announced this morning at the British Library’s flagship building in St Pancras, London. Its plans will digitise more than 500,000 pages from the archives of the East India Company and India Office, in addition to 25,000 pages of medieval Arabic manuscripts - all of which will be made freely available online for the first time.

Check out the Guardian’s impressive Twitter dashboard for the Olympics.

DevSeed explain their vision of post-CMS development.

Blogpost by one of the Guardian’s heads of engagement: Publishing process and opportunities for community collaboration

Ushahidi on how they diversified revenues by formalising services setup.