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Interview with Meedan design star Maya Zankoul

It's with great pleasure that Meedan can announce that we've expanded our engagement with the marvelous Maya Zankoul, who gave the Meedan Blog an exlcusive interview this week:

How do you feel about joining the Meedan team?

I'm very happy to be part of Meedan. I love what Meedan stands for and worked with the team a couple of years ago on creating the 'Meedan in plain English' animated short movie. Since then I've enjoyed the spirit of the team and am very glad to be a Meedani once again!

What do you think you can contribute to Meedan?

I am a web designer and comic artist, so I'm hoping I can contribute with some visual designs along with some illustrations/cartoons! I can also contribute with some 'real' updates from Lebanon (vs. news updates).

When and how did you become a web designer?

I am a 'graphic designer' by training because my university didn't really acknowledge web design in its curriculum. What motivated be to go in this direction is my love for everything visual. Expressing things in images, colors, shapes. After graduating I started growing a passion for design that is screen related (web, mobile...) and that's when I started to teach myself web design. I'm still learning everyday since this field is ever changing and you can always learn new things!

If you had to be stuck anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

I'm going to be very honest here and say: my studio. That's where all my 'loved things' are (books, CDs, DVDs). I'm lucky to be sharing it with some close friends, so the mood is always fun and casual. And that's where I can really live my passion which is design, illustration, music. So whenever people decide to close roads for protests in Lebanon, I hope I'll be in my studio :)

What's your favourite flavour of ice cream?

My favourite is the 'Ashta' ice cream (Not sure how this translates to English...) [Ed.: no idea either, looks like a tasty Lebanese delicacy] You can check out some of Maya's design work for Meedan at, this site ( and the Meedan in Plain English video.