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On the Meedan Radar - November 2012

“We also drew heavily on our community, asking for help, and incorporating our networks into the search. People could see us thinking on their screens, and I think they saw that we were approaching this task fairly and with the pursuit of truth as a goal. I know that sounds high-minded, but you can't do this sort of thing for craven reasons or people smell it. I hope.”

“In journalism, there is no substitute for having a trusted reporter on the ground. However, media organizations simply do not have the resources to be everywhere at once. Citizen journalists and activists, on the other hand, are everywhere.”

“1. Ask for methodologies more than for activities: project proposals should concentrate on the methodologies that organizations will use to decide, plan and implement their activities. We should be giving money to people that know how to do things, not that will do things just because they have the money to do them. The focus here should not be what activities you are planning to do in advance, but how you will use collaborative processes, agile methodologies and iterations to make sure that your activities do indeed make sense considering your objectives.”

Bedtime reading

““We have no control; once it’s out there it’s basically with the country,” he says during the five-hour interview that veered from a product demonstration in Gamma’s conference room to lunch at a Bavarian restaurant serving specialties from Munich’s Oktoberfest tents to getting lost driving his company’s black BMW 528i sedan back to the office. “That’s why we check, ‘Are they bad guys?’ before we deliver it.” He doesn’t reveal which governments have purchased FinFisher.”