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George from Meedan

With an amount of nostalgia that exceeds my (significant) carrying capacity for such that we share word that our dear friend and colleague George Weyman has taken a post at the British Library.

The title of this post plays on the English word 'from' - which connotes both going and belonging. I intentionally invoke it in both senses, though, the emotional referent leans more to the sense of belonging, as my memory goes to the message on George's voicemail.

There is, in the belonging/geographical shadings of the reference, a sense that being from a place continues over time regardless one's current location; we always remain 'from' our hometowns. In this regard, I hope that George keeps the sense that he is from Meedan - I suspect he does and will, and, it should be added that his continuing consulting work for Meedan makes this somewhat less a matter of speculation.

We could turn the referent around - in fact this is what I am going to do right now - and talk about Meedan as being 'from' George. For those who have been at and around Meedan over the past five years there is no question that the Paganini-like artistry 'Weymo' showed with the Uilleann pipes and penny whistle was just one manifestation of similar virtuosity he showed every day in project design, team building, leadership, document design, and skype multi-channeling. There is no question in my mind that George was critical to Meedan moving from a quirky, ambitious technology and media project to its current incarnation as a...well...a bigger, more successful, more respectable quirky, ambitious technology and media project.

Memories with George are too many to recount here - that these range from debating human plus machine translation with the Grand Mufti to talking project design while sea kayaking to emailing in the back of Cairo taxicabs to Uilleann pipes in an English pub is testimony to the diversity and richness of this large workplace we have shared.

We congratulate and wish George all the best in his new position at the BL. And, it should be added - to end on a positive note - we are thrilled to continue to work with George as a consultant on Meedan project design and development.

In the forward tone of an Irish jig....George playing in Cambridge.