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Checkdesk and Right to Information - Meedan at BCU & Stanford

One of the great benefits of working on topics as engaging as journalism, citizen media and verification is that we get to work with lots of excellent partners. One of our outstanding partners on the Checkdesk project is Birmingham City University - where I recently attended an excellent presentation given on Checkdesk by Noha Atef to her doctoral cohort. I was also invited to submit a post for the BCU Interactive Cultures blog, where one can read up on the department's interesting approach to researching community, media and technology. Around the same time as my trip to Birmingham, I found an exciting call for papers from the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law's Liberation Technology Program at Stanford University. Seeing an opportunity both to stretch Meedan's academic legs and to consider one of several aspects Checkdesk seeks to impact - I decided to kill two birds with one well-aimed stone.

Having submitted a brief case study of Checkdesk to Stanford, and having been accepted to present at the Right to Information Technology conference in March, I'm now publishing the short abstract here for review. The piece looks at Checkdesk through the lens of information flows, and many of the arguments build on long discussions of such topics with Ed Bice and George Weyman.