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Fahd from Transwikia at Meedan SF

Anas, Wasma, and I were pleased to have a visit today from Fahd Alhazmi, the founder and coder of the Transwikia project. Fahd is in the Bay Area to prepare for his Masters work in CS after having finished his undergraduate degree at King Fahd University in Saudi.

 Fahd, Ed, Wasma, and Anas at Meedan SF

For those of you who do not know about Transwikia - it is a project for enabling crowdsourced translation of Wikipedia articles. (Meedan's WikiArabi project, which formally ran from 2010-11 but is still online, did not address the challenge of multiple contributors to a single story).  Fahd came to the project as a Wikipedia Arabic contributor who was frustrated with the effort it took to translate available English language Wikipedia pages into Arabic. The interface design on Fahd's project is really great - as you can see in the image below. This is a nascent project and much work remains in terms of the uploading workflow to Wikipedia, Category, metadata, and table localization, but Transwikia is an impressive project with an impressive goal started by an impressive individual - so you should check it out and translate some Wikipedia pages.

 Transwikia is a PHP application and Fahd is planning to open the data from the project to researchers - (we hope to incorporate this data into the Meedan Memory - our open data store available on Github.)