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On the Meedan Radar, June 2013

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"Social media now plays a more destructive role, often being used to provoke anger and hatred and spread unsubstantiated rumour," said Abdel-Saddiq. "Since the revolution, we've seen it used to incite protesters against police, the secular opposition against Islamist groups, and Muslims against Christians and vice versa." - From the Arab media forum in UAE:

“The Arab media is in a coma,” declared Dr Khalid Al Firm, professor of political media at Imam Mohammed bin Saud Islamic University in Saudi Arabia. “Rampant corruption, political controls and commercial interests coupled with the emergence of the social media is taking their toll on the Arab media. Lies are no longer marketable.” - Interesting piece from FastCo on the style of publishing we had initially envisioned with Checkdesk (regularly updated “stubs” = “stories” in Checkdesk). Fascinating to see the impact on analytics, and also to see other publishers embracing this model. - Witness on how Twitter and YouTube are being used in Turkey as protests break out across the country: - Jordan steps up its efforts to stop “unathorised” news websites. - Long piece translated from Assafir which covers the fall of Egypt Independent along with increasing threats to press freedom in Egypt

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