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On the Meedan Radar - October 2013

Journalism & Tech


The past few days have seen the bulk of panels at the Online News Association annual gathering, being held in Atlanta. There’s lots of stuff related to Checkdesk and the work our regional publishing partners are doing, here are links on two topics: Verification and education/training.

Firstly here’s a blog post that emerged from the #ONA13Ethics session in which the verification of User Generated Content and news organizations responsibilities to citizen journalists both featured prominently:

It is our job to get it right. Our readers (and editors) expect that the information we publish is accurate. And it’s more important, obviously, to get it right than to get it first.

Here’s the link to that session’s panelists. It suggests that there will be audio available at some point, though I can’t see it at the time of writing. Scrolling down below the panelists you can see some of the discussion that was taking place through the somewhat chaotic lens of Twitter.

One great outcome from ONA is the establishment of a UGC standards group - something we'll be following in the coming weeks and months.

Congrats @EricCarvin @fergb! @ONA officially announces establishment of UGC Standards group. Looking forward to more discussions #ONA13

— Colleen Shalby (@CShalby) October 18, 2013

Journalism education also featured prominently, especially on the back of this damning piece by Eric Newton, who went on to lead the #ONA13 panel on hacking J-School curricula for the 21st century

I realize now that change in journalism and communications education is like climate change, chock-full of deniers. The digital deniers say journalism’s fundamentals have not been upended.

Linked to this is the news that a fund is being launched to sponsor live experiments in journalism education

In more verification-related news, check out the great work done here by the Storyful team, who keep up their impressive record of debunking fakes and phonies:

Google have helpfully packaged their tools and given some examples of how they can be useful for newsrooms:

Press Freedom

The Economist argues journalists in Syria now have more to fear from being kidnapped in rebel-held areas than from being hit by regime forces

GulfNews on the divisive media situation in Egypt

7iber take a stand on Blog Action Day to explain why the prohibitive Jordanian Press Law violates human rights


ONA - October 17-19, 2013 (Atlanta, US) Abu Dhabi Media Summit - - October 22-24