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Meedan and the Verification Handbook: Checkdesk Case Study and Arabic Translation

Its all-about social media verification here at Meedan - our Checkdesk project is hitting its stride with media partners and we seem to have been ahead of the curve on the now fashionable focus on fact-checking and verification. So, it is no surprise that Meedan has been closely involved in the just released Verification Handbook from the awesome folks at the European Journalism Center. In addition to Tom Trewinnard and MSh's (pseudonym) excellent case study on Checkdesk in Syria (see Meedan's Anas Qtiesh is leading a team of translators on a full Arabic translation of the handbook. The English language version of resource for verifying digital sources in breaking news events is available for free download here:

The Handbook, which is edited by one of the gurus of social media journalism, Craig Silverman (author of Regret the Error, a Poynter Institute blog about media errors, accuracy and verification) features guidance on verification strategies from some of the world's leading verification experts, and also features eight case studies from practitioners like Witness, Internews, GigaOm, Storyful, the Guardian, Patrick Meier (iRevolution, QCRI), and Meedan. The book is an amazing resource for anyone interested in digital journalism and really sets the standard for the emerging practices of doing collaborative, investigative work through and on social media content.