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Open sourcing Checkdesk: say hello to some of our modules!

Over the years, the open source community has been a wonderful inspiration and resource for it’s a key part of how (and who!) we build the tools we believe can make the internet a more collaborative and open space for all.

It thus makes us very, very happy when we can contribute something back to that open source community: We’re pleased to announce the release of five modules to, all of which feature in our open-source verification and liveblogging platform Checkdesk:


This module allows administrators to create tours for a Drupal site. Tours can show to the users how some features work. This module depends on CTools, so you can export tours to Features, for example, besides all other benefits that CTools provides. It is based on Bootstrap Tour.


A bookmarklet is a bookmark stored in a web browser that contains JavaScript commands to extend the browser’s functionality. For instance, a bookmarklet might allow the user to select text on a page, click the bookmarklet, and be presented with a search engine results page for the search term selected.


This module allows site builders to customize a theme’s CSS through the browser, using a rich text editor with syntax highlighting and live preview.


The Behat UI module lets any person to run automated tests and create new tests (and also run them while they are being created). The user can later download the updated feature with the newly created test. It’s fully customizable and the interface is very interactive/intuitive.


The MailDigest module allows administrators to setup templates for digests, which are sent periodically to subscribed users by e-mail, when cron runs. Developers can implement tokens to be replaced when the digest is evaluated. Those tokens can, for example, list the most commented nodes during the digest period.

Meedan Senior Engineer Caio Almeida says: "I’m glad when we can solve not only a problem for us or our partners, but for many people. And also give back to free software what it gives to us. At Meedan we are proud to not only use open source software, but also to contribute code back to the open source community."