Finding Tweets to Tell Stories: A Bit More on Our Curation Process

Last time we wrote about Translatedesk and the Out of Eden Walk project, our journey with Paul had just begun, as he walked camelside through Saudi Arabia, hugging the coast of the Red Sea. Four milestones in, he’s traded the camels for donkeys and is now on his way through Jordan. Although Paul has physically traversed only two countries, some of the tweets we’ve included have come from nearby Egypt and Israel, whose borders fall within the 100 mile radius from which we pull Tweets. We’ve since translated Tweets from... Read The Rest →

Welcoming 2014 – Happy New Year from everyone at Meedan!

If you missed out on our glorious end of year newsletter, fear not – you can read Meedan CEO Ed Bice’s end of year address right here, and follow the link for the director’s cut.   2013 will likely be remembered in technology circles as the year the internet revealed what supercomputing and secret subpoenas mean to the analogue architectures we have devised to explain and govern identity and private expression. غالباً ستتذكر الأوساط التقنية عام 2013 على أنه العام الذي كشفت فيه الإنترنت عواقب الحوسبة الخارقة والتجسس السري... Read The Rest →

Classroom to Classroom

Classroom to Classroom (C2C) is an educational networking and dialogue platform we have designed and built for DC-based Qatar Foundation International (QFI). Like Checkdesk, C2C is built on a core that serves multiple partners through multiple instances. The Yallah Forum “branch” of the project serves an informal network of under 18s in the U.S., Brazil, and the MENA region. (The C2C branch, by contrast, serves more teacher-to-teacher and classroom-to-classroom interactions.) The users of these instances are early adopters to global ed and digital learning, networked with the support of QFI... Read The Rest →

Our First Translations from Saudi Arabia’s Twittersphere

This month marks the beginning of our long collaboration with Paul Salopek’s Out of Eden Walk, a seven-year journey in slow journalism, as Salopek literally walks around the world, tracing the history of human migration. We wrote about this walk previously when the project began, and we’re excited to announce that our first batch of translations is now live.  They come from the immediate vicinity of Paul’s 15th Milestone (each milestone occurs roughly every 100 miles), which he describes as “On the pilgrim trail from Cairo to Mecca”, and within... Read The Rest →

Fahd from Transwikia at Meedan SF

Anas, Wasma, and I were pleased to have a visit today from Fahd Alhazmi, the founder and coder of the Transwikia project. Fahd is in the Bay Area to prepare for his Masters work in CS after having finished his undergraduate degree at King Fahd University in Saudi. For those of you who do not know about Transwikia – it is a project for enabling crowdsourced translation of Wikipedia articles. (Meedan’s WikiArabi project, which formally ran from 2010-11 but is still online, did not address the challenge of multiple contributors to a... Read The Rest →

New Media and Translation: Cairo House of Translation lectures and workshops postponed

My talks and seminar in Cairo next week have been canceled – all thoughts and prayers to friends in #egypt for peace and progress — ed bice (@edbice) December 6, 2012 We’re sad to announce that the next House of Translation event – in collaboration with the AUC’s Center for Translation Studies and Egypt’s National Center for Translation – has been postponed following recent events in Cairo. We’ll post more information when it’s available, and in the meantime we’ll be translating tweets from #Egypt on our Twitter feed. Tweets by... Read The Rest →

Meedan 2011 Annual Report

We are delighted to present the Meedan annual report for 2011, published today on Issuu. You can view this below, download or share. The report covers Meedan’s partnerships, technology development and programmatic focus through a year of tumultuous change in the Middle East. In presenting this report, we are grateful to the brilliant design work of Meedan Designer Maya Zankoul. We hope you enjoy it. Open publication – Free publishing – More arabic Share → Tweet

Meet Meedan’s 2012 Summer Interns: Flora Cabili and Andrew Ver Steegh

The ever growing Meedan family is excited to welcome the Flora Cabili and Andrew Ver Steegh as interns for the Summer of 2012. Flora, a McGill University student, is researching various development and media indicators in the MENA region, and is currently focusing on Syria to support our collaboration with the Syrian media collective, Al Ayyam. In her own words: For a short time this summer, I am joining the Meedan team as an intern for Anas. I am filled with excitement and curiosity for the work you all do... Read The Rest →

Google Updates Site Translation Plugin Allowing Owners and Readers to Improve Machine Translations

Google announced on Wednesday that a beta update to the site translation plugin, launched in 2009, now allows site owners and readers to “polish up” machine translation of a web page by contributing their own translation. Up til this latest update, the translation plugin only allowed users to view machine translations of a given web page with no ability to publish alternative, read: better, translations. Once a website sets up the plugin, users can choose the language they want to read the site in from over 60 possible languages. Then... Read The Rest →

Red Hat calling @Pilgrim: Bing can’t do it alone

Our English-speaking ears pricked up earlier this morning, as we overheard a strange and troubling conversation taking place between two regulars in one of our favorite haunts: A:”And the idea to pass through us state security and change its name to the national security state security roles ended most bureaucratic de gain important o need protection” B:”De you keep optimistic industry” A:”Roles of bureaucracy, Red Hat is an example of security approval bitalb place before appointment?” B:”Less its Pilgrim … Hat one bikodm mabikodmsh military college and its answer file... Read The Rest →

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