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Meedan is working with international media partners such as The Economist and The Guardian to extend and amplify voices across the Arabic-English language divide. Meedan curates and translates commentary from the Arab media for partners, and translates editorials written by bloggers living in Arabic-speaking countries for publication in English media outlets. Meedan has also provided commentary and reporting for TIME, Wired and The Huffington Post. In addition, Meedan curates and translates tweets around emerging events on Curated.By, an application that allows users to filter and comment on Twitter streams. During the Egyptian January 25th revolution, we supported the development of, a cross-language blog for sharing and translating the voices of Egyptians posted on Twitter’s Speak2Tweet channel (a Twitter/Google initiative).

These efforts take the work of making commentary and perspectives available beyond the Meedan website, making translations accessible to readers in their own media environments, providing translated writings to a wider audience. The Meedan feeds allow readers of both languages to follow tweets originally written in Arabic and English, allowing fuller access to news and commentary emerging live, whether on protests in Syria or presentations on social media and nonprofits at South by Southwest.

If you would like to join Meedan’s media partners, contact Tom Trewinnard (telrumi [at] meedan [dot] net)

Media Partnerships
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